Don’t Miss a Chance to Vote

Voting is Important

Don't Miss Your Chance This Year!

Many important decisions depend on the voters who turn out on Election Day or vote by absentee/early-voting ballot, and depend on who is elected to office at the state and national level. Many organizations are launching plans to hold educational forums, distribute issue information, and register community members to vote.  Candidates for all levels of office are going door-to-door on town roads and city streets and leaving brochures on doorknobs.  Signs for one candidate or another are beginning to pop up on lawns and rights-of-way.  Volunteers for various issues and candidates are making phone calls, sending email messages, using social media and sending out printed brochures. There is a great deal of information available on-line and in local media to tell us where candidates stand on important issues that affect all of us and our families. Now is the time to get involved. Those elected to public office this fall will make decisions on important issues that matter to all of us: economic sustainability, health care changes, children’s well-being, civil rights, elder issues, education reform, environmental protection, election process, campaign finance, and much more. We  can all remind family members and friends to vote on Election Day or to get early-voting/absentee ballots at the local town office or city hall and vote from home.  And we can reach out to help those who need rides to the polls or help with absentee ballots. If you want an absentee ballot or need to vote early:
  • call or visit your town office or city hall and fill out the information and vote right there; or
  • go to to get an absentee ballot to mail in to or drop off at your town office or city hall.
If you need to register to vote: You can register to vote at your town office or city hall, through any Motor Vehicle office, and at voter registration drives that may be going on in your neighborhood. You must have identification and proof of where you live. There is no cut-off date for registering to vote–you may do it in person at your town office or city hall. You can register in person in Maine until, and including, Election Day. If you want to register to vote by mail you must do so by a set deadline. Check with the Maine Secretary of State: .
  • For general information about voting in Maine, visit:
  • For information about candidates and referendum election questions on the ballot this June or November, visit:
JUST VOTE! (Credit for specific voting information to Maine Association of Interdependent Neighborhoods newsletter.)

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